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SONOR DRUMS - The Drummers Drum Sonor Drums
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Rhythm is part of our daily life. It is the pulse that drives us, the steady beat that provides vitality and motion. Percussion instruments are basic elements of our music culture. The history of Sonor mirrors the excitement of historical and entrepreneurial challenges, in the same way that rhythm is linked to musical creativity and complexity. But throughout all the decades of Sonor history there remains one underlying theme: an uncompromising commitment to quality and dedicated craftsmanship.

Phil Rudd Signature Drum Set & Snare Drum

Sonor Museum

Why negotiate for extras with your first drum kit when you can have it all in one purchase? Sonor has produced the best sounds and value in one easy purchase with the Sonor Smart Force XTEND Series Bundle Set consisting of:

  • Smart Force XTEND Series Five Piece Drum Set (Including all Hardware and DT 270 Drum Stool!!)
  • 3 Piece Cast Cymbal Set - Hi Hats, Crash and Ride (Including Cymbal Bag)

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