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Featured on this page, are the latest release inclusions to the DPMP catalogue, of killer percussion products currently making waves in the contemporary drumming and music industry.

Axis Percussion

If you're serious, then you've got to be sure you're making the right choice. Stay in touch by checking out the links to the new A21 Single and Double Laser Pedals by Axis Percussion. Make sure you have the right pedal to give you the speed and sound you're looking for. Derek Roddy is one of the fastest pairs of feet on the planet and Axis assists him in getting it done - his Signature Pedal is now available and packaged with an Axis EKIT.

AXIS A21 Laser Single Pedal - axispercussion.com

AXIS A21 Laser Double Pedal - axispercussion.com

Derek Roddy Signature Pedal - axispercussion.com

Sonor Signature Snare Drums

Rock Drumming Legend Phil Rudd of AC/DC and Progressive Drumming Heavy Weight Danny Carey of Tool teamed up with the Sonor Drum crew to create these Snare Drum Beauties. Check out the links to find out more on how you can obtain that Phat Phil & Danny Sound! These drums are also receiving compliments due to there range and versatility for all styles.

Signature Series Snare Drum - sonor.com

Ufip Supernova Series

These babies are without doubt one of the best, if not the best sheet cymbals in the business. We have put Ufip Supernova up against some of the leading models and brands and found them to be far superior… and guess what? They retail for 25% less! The Chinas are out of control!!

Trick Dominator Pedals and Sound Slabs

Get more than your money's worth. Trick's Dominator pedal is priced comparably with other top professional pedals. But with its unique and innovative design, unsurpassed construction quality, and virtually limitless performance capabilities, the Dominator far exceeds the "professional" standard.

Trick Sound Slabs

Looking for that fast, short & trashy attack you can't get in a cymbal stack? Well here it is. The Trick Sound Slab is a stack of 3 coloured plates that look cool and have a unique sound effect that's unmatched.

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