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DRUM PARTNER/MUSIC PARTNER AUSTRALIA PTY LTD is an independent musical instrument wholesaler constantly forging towards the cutting edge of Drums, Percussion and MI products for the Australian Music Industry.

As you peruse this website and the associated links, you will become aware of the innovative music technology and niche brands supplied to the market place by DPMP. Being modest in comparison to our competitors grants us the advantage of establishing engaging, hands on relationships with our dealers - and the capacity to provide efficient, exclusive customer service. And, offer the best quality alternative product options for contesting retail establishments.

Enjoy your tour of the DPMP site!!

SONOR’s celebrating its 140th anniversary this year and to mark this special occasion, bringing back the iconic sound and look of the 50's through to early 70's. We’re very happy and excited to present the NEW SONOR VINTAGE Drum Series. Introduced to the world at NAMM Show 2015, the series drew an overwhelming response from manufacturers, dealers and of course drummers. Winning SONOR a NAMM Best in Show award for 2015! Due to be in stores early May.

DeGregorio DRUMBOX

DeGregorio Maestral is the top shelf cajon paired with their patented direct drive pedal to produce the DrumBox. Featuring its tuneable, replaceable front-plate (“tapa”) and non-stringed bass-plate on the side. Accompanied with the DG Direct-Drive Pedal - attached to the bass plate creating a booming kick drum!

Play the front-plate with your hands and use the pedal for accents, or set up a snare drum and hi-hat to create a unique, compact travel drumset. However you choose to play it, with the DG DrumBox the only limit is your imagination.

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